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Ronan Leung


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“I think there is beauty in everything. What ‘normal’ people perceive as ugly, I can usually see something of beauty in it.” - 由香港設計師 @ronan_leung 所設計的角色 @leggie_bird 靈感源於小鳥的外型, 配上人類的身軀, 打造出一隻有腳的雀仔。角色以鮮明的對比顏色搭配在西裝上,加上印有閃電圖案的吊腳褲子,另外罕有地配搭上用真羽毛製成的Fedora hat, 完全能夠體現設計師喜愛的“Cityboy” style。 「歷久不衰」,能夠完美反映在這個作品上,同時和 Unbox x Popcorn 聯成項目<TimelesS..> 的主題 “design is timeless.” 此呼彼應。

RoRo Company collaborate with Hong Kong toy design company “UNBOX industries ” to release his first toy collection "Leggie Bird". "Leggie Bird", a standing soft vinyl figure inspired by flying birds, his head is crafted with feather shape, incorporated with human body shape. People also call him “A bird with 2 legs”. Leggie Bird outfit is inspired by “Cityboy” style. You can find his unique fashion sense through the iconic real feather on his cowboy hat, the sunglasses, tailored suit and the vintage loafers. 

Material: Sofubi

Height: 240mm
Edition: 100 only

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