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Ronan Leung

Leggie Bird x HOAX × Sanders x UNBOX 150th Anniversary Deluxe figure set

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今年是英倫殿堂皮鞋品牌 Sanders @sandersshoes 成立第150周年,HOAX @hoaxhk 榮幸能與這個昔年的英軍御用鞋靴供應商合作達十年之久。近年秋冬我們的聯乘款式深受客人歡迎,來到這個喜慶日子當然也要推出別注型號慶祝一番。

今次慶祝活動更找來設計師 Ronan Leung @ronan_leung 及玩具品牌 Unbox Industries @unboxindustries 聯手製作別注版的 Leggie Bird “Henry” Figure,除了衣着符合 HOAX Style 造型外,腳上穿着的就是今次150周年版本的 Broad Arrow Penny Loafers!Leggie Bird “Henry” 分別有 Deluxe 版及普及版, 每款限量25隻。Deluxe 版以 Sanders 經典藍色鞋盒包裝,內有150周年紀念鞋袋、聯乘皮墊及設計師親筆簽名卡,別具收藏價值,將由 HOAX 及 ARTDICTED @artdicted_official 出售,售完即止。值得一提的是今次聯乘企劃是由 Sanders 官方授權,也是他們首次參與玩具生產,名稱 Henry 就是以目前 Director 即 Sanders 第四代傳人 Henry Sanders 來命名。

Sanders 150周年別注系列將於12月31正式開賣

材料: Sofubi
高度:240 毫米
版本: 僅 25 件
隨附 Sanders 鞋盒/皮貼/鞋袋






This year marks the 150th anniversary of Sanders @sandersshoes, and HOAX @hoaxhk is honored to have been working with this former supplier of shoes and boots to the British Army for ten years. Our joint styles last fall/winter were very popular with our customers and it's a good occasion to celebrate with a special edition.

To mark the occasion, Hong Kong designer Ronan Leung @ronan_leung and renowned toy brand Unbox Industries @unboxindustries have teamed up to produce a special edition Leggie Bird "Henry" figure. Leggie Bird "Henry" is not only dressed in HOAX style, he"s also wearing the 150th Anniversary Edition of the Broad Arrow Penny Loafers! The Deluxe Edition is packaged in a Sanders classic blue Sanders shoe box with 150th Anniversary shoe bag, co-packed leather pads and an authentication card signed by the designer Ronan Leung and will be sold by HOAX and ARTDICTED @artdicted_official while stocks last. It's worth mentioning that this collaborative project is officially licensed by Sanders, and it's also the first time they have participated in the production of art toys. The name "Henry" refers to the current Sanders Director - Henry Sanders, who is the fourth generation of Sanders.

The Sanders 150th Anniversary Special Series will be officially launched on December 31 2023.

Material: Sofubi

Height: 240mm 
Edition: 25 only
Artist Signature on the authentication card
Together with Sanders shoe box / leather patch / shoe bag 

Shipping fee will be quoted separately. 
No refund or exchange.

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