Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Tracey Emin's neon art.

Seems like I can spend the whole day simply repeating "I love Tracey Emin. I love Tracey Emin. I love Tracey Emin..." Ha ha. I really do. But frankly, I still don't know who do you need to love at the first place to truly appreciate her art whether her as a person or some man, well, as a man.

The very first show of her I visited was "Love is what you want" at Southbank this summer. Try to find a trace of Trace on my fridge (one of the places people keep the dearest things in life:)

Mimi a friend of  mine I met working on the reality show in Camden Town suggested checking it out. I guess, Mimi still doesn't know an affair with Emin's art began for me on that day. And it's not me being very secretive, but this art being so intimate.

And here is the first surprise of my blog. We are not going to discuss My Bed or The Tent and other pieces of Emin's art that I think have been much trivialised. Instead, neon. I've noticed Tracey experimenting with the use of the medium. Wood, fabric, ink, anything, but nothing as sexy as neon.

Neon was something the bar and club signs were made of in 70es, when Emin was still a teenager getting drunk with cider and being sexually abused. It is something tempting, seductive, dangerous, magical and enchanting. However you prefer it, however you read what she wrote for you.

This is for someone feels strong, loud and tender love. For someone, who can shout or whisper back to what is written in neon.

Text-based artists are something very special. Maybe it is easier to make an impact by the means of good phrasing, but I honestly don't care as long as it makes me feel like... something intimate I am not going to disclose yet. 

P.S. These books are just so worth reading I can't even find the right words to describe them.
For anyone planning a trip to a strangeland and still in search of the right port of departure 

Feel free to borrow from me or steal from Waterstones. 

And couldn't resist showing off this beatiful coffee table I've got myself for about 30 pounds only. You can order it online from whatever pops out in Google search. Art hidden between the two covers is blowing my brain and heart up. Everytime I open the book is a new journey. I often read out the interviews from there to the man I love. He doesn't understand a thing, but I don't care feeling I need to pass that love and warmth She gives me to someone else. Anyway, the book is amazing. 

Tracey Emin taught me something about what modern art should be like. It must arouse strong feelings. Love, anxiety, disgust... Otherwise, what's the point? Think about it, while you sleep. Good night. 

Next major exhibtion of Tracey Emin's work "She Lay Down Deep Beneath the Sea"  is coming up  26 May- 23 Septemner  2012 at Margate. 


  1. i wanted to see her work during summer too, but sadly i went back home. love your fridge :D
    tracey emin's use of neon and text is intriguing, quite disappointed i miss it now.
    awesome first post (:

    1. We are going to Margate in spring! Don't worry, you well get to see everything! =)